Silent Music / Silent Disco Parties at Palolem Beach

Palolem is home to the mother of Silent Parties. Are they Silent? Not at all. Are they noisy? Not at all. Welcome to a crazy idea that has caught the attention of peaceful party lovers from all over Goa, India and the World. 

One can make noise without disturbing the neighbourhood or village people. Introducing “Silent Noise”, a headphone party. Yes, it does sound outrageous, but hey, it works here in Goa!

A bunch of optimistic fellas came up with the headphone idea to break the 11pm curfew, where the main objection was the loud music. Here’s how it works: When you enter the bar, you pick up a pair of headphones (for a fee). You can either hit the dance floor or be seated at a table. Either ways, in order to listen to music, all you have to is put on your headphones. When you want to talk to your friend, both of you just have to take off your headphones and talk. Unlike pubs with loud music where it is near difficult to have a conversation, in a headphone party it is quite easy to talk without screaming your guts out. Once you are done talking, put your headphones back on and continue enjoying the music in your ears or head literally speaking.

Get to know more personally by visiting ALPHA BAR which was the one of the first bars n restaurants of Palolem way back in 1982. Now Alpha Bar is the scene of the weekly Silent Noise Party every week on Thursdays. 

Alpha Bar has 02 DJ’s one Indian and one foreigner. The music is on in your ears all night long from dusk to dawn. During the Silent Disco, only delicious Snacks are served.

Palolem is famous for this unusual and not to be missed experience of Silence Music. First as you enter you will laugh. Then you will also be infected with the Silent Dance. 

  It's time to head to the Palolem beach.
The wind blows through your hair.
The warm sun bathes your skin.
Soft golden sand caresses your feet.