Who are Lamanis?

The Lamanis are usually Banjara’s which is a group of people frequently described as nomadic people from the Indian state of Rajasthan, North-West Gujarat, Western Madhya Pradesh and Eastern Sindh province of pre-independence Pakistan. 

Lamanis are also called as….

They are sometimes called the "gypsies of India". They are the tribal travelling merchants who want to sell their products mostly jewellery directly on foot following the tourists everywhere and forcing them to buy something.

Why are Lamanis a nuisance to relaxing tourists?

The male & female Lamanis are petty peddlers. They peddle their wares, mostly in the form of necklace’s, trinkets and traditional Lamanis jewellery. The Lamani jewellery is mostly in the form of Junk jewellery. The style of Lamanis selling their wares directly to the sun tanning customer on the beach has become a nuisance. Tourists come to rest, relax or just get a full body sun tan on the beach. The Lamanis believe in the sales psychology of “persistence overcomes resistance”, so they keep on irritating the customer till they end up buying to end the irritating sales pressure. This way on the beaches of Palolem there are hundreds of Lamani sellers operating the illegal sales business bang on the beach. Their approach to the quiet and peace loving tourists is always un solicited.

Tourists Private Space should be respected

The tribe of Lamani people have absolutely no respect for privacy and private space of the tourists visiting the beaches. It is the wrong notion of Lamanis who believe that the tourists visiting beaches want to shop on the beach too. Tourists visiting Palolem beach are requested not to entertain or to buy any products from the Lamanis. Please discourage sun bed to sun bed selling of jewellery on the beach by disturbing and irritating the tourists.

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