The Guest house of Kate’s has two beach cottages to offer. These are holiday beach rooms but we love to call them cottages as they technically & accurately fit the description of cottages in Goa.

What is a Cottage?

In presentpractice, a cottage is generally a modest, often cosy house, usually in a rural location. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term cottage is 'a summer residence at a watering-place or a health or pleasure resort'.

A cottage is a modest structure which is normally one to one and a half stories tall or two stories tall. Worldwide people relate or associate to a moderate size, quaint architecture, and rural nature of the traditional cottage.Cottages are usually built from a wide range of materials including stone or wood, and they may be tiled, thatched, or roofed with shingles or Terracotta Clay Tiles depending on the local region. Many are also deliberately designed to be rustic, with features like plank floors, exposed beams, and hand-carved woodwork.


Warm & Welcoming Palolem Beach Cottages of Goa

The Bedroom has the following amenities:

  • Master Wooden Bed of Size 7 x 6 feet.
  • Super Deluxe Foam Bed Mattresses.
  • Fresh Bed Spreads & Bed Linens.
  • Removable Full Bed Mosquito Net.
  • Electric Ceiling Fan.
  • Split AC (Air Conditioning)
  • Well Ventilated Windows
  • L.C.D Color TV with International Cable Ready Channels.
  • Two Lazy Bean Bags.
  • Dressing Table with Mirror & Seat.
  • Deluxe Drapery & Curtains.
  • Collapsible Doors to separate Verandah from Bedroom.
  • Twin Table Lamps.

The Rest Room (Bath Room & Toilet) has the following amenities:

  • Non Slip Flooring Tiles.
  • Glass Shower Cubicle.
  • Speed Rain Showers.
  • 24 Hours Running Hot n Cold Water.
  • Storage Cabinets for Inner Wear & Personal Belongings.
  • Western Commode.
  • Miranda Automatic Power Flush.
  • Wash Basin.
  • Bath Robes & Bath Towels.
  • All Basic Toiletries.
  • Exhaust Fan & Bath Lights.
  • Air Freshener.

The Verandah has the following amenities:

  • Portuguese Style Recliner cum Relaxing Chair.
  • Wooden Teapoy.
  • Verandah Fan.
  • Open Air Gallery with direct view of the Palolem beach & sea.

PLEASE NOTE : Since kates beach cottages are hundred percent wooden, washing of personal laundry is strictly not allowed.

Kates Goa Cottages are fully wooden 1 Storey beach cottages with the beach rooms on the first floor. Each beach cottage has its own private wooden staircase & entrance leading to the open air verandah first, then to the master bed room and finally towards the rest room (bath & toilet).

Both the beach cottages are warm, welcoming and wide enough for a couple or a small family. Please do have a look at our photographs of our beach cottages. Our cottage photographs are authentic and genuine. At, What you see is What you will get. Add to it lots of warm friendship and Goan Hospitality with a touch of Indianess to it.

  It's time to head to the Palolem beach.
The wind blows through your hair.
The warm sun bathes your skin.
Soft golden sand caresses your feet.