Way back in 1988, When Palolem beach was frequented only by the remaining tribe of hippies in Goa that was the time when Jack and his wife Catty started catering to the needs of tourists coming to Canacona.

Temporary Beach Huts to Permanent Wooden Beach Cottages

They started with Kates Beach Huts. Operating from bang on the beach of Palolem. Initially when Jack & Catty started their tourism business in Palolem, Goa, they used to have some colourful huts made out of natural replenish able material. Every year during the rains they had to dismantle their herbal huts on the beach to protect matter and material from rain damage. Recently Jack worked on a wonderful idea of having rooms exactly above his restaurant. His idea was to have a complete wooden and rustic ambience for his restaurant and to continue with the same for his two spacious wooden rooms. One is named Pedru and the other is named Mila. The two rooms of Pedru and Mila have their own separate staircase entrance & exit. Thus December of 2011 saw the completion and inauguration of the wooden Kates Cottages and the wooden ambience restaurant called Ferns BY Kates Bar & Restaurant.



  • Your hosts Jack & Catty are a young, friendly couple ever willing to interact with your holiday needs directly and personally.
  • Jack takes care of the day to day running and management of the Restaurant Kitchen of Fern’s By Kate’s.
  • Catty takes care of the housekeeping & maintenance of the two rooms, Pedru & Mila of Kate’s Cottages as well as their home.
  • The couple Jack & Catty always live exactly behind Kate’s Cottages and Fern’s Restaurant in their Ancestral Goan house, so they are always around at attend to your vacation requests.
  • Jack is a tradional Cook of Goan Dishes. So be prepared to find the owner & proprietor cooking your Goan dishes by himself.
  • Jack & Catty also organize open air cooking & barbeque opportunities for long staying guests who want to cook their own country’s cuisines. The Fern’s Kitchen provides back up support and Jack does the shopping in advance of the specific ingredients as demanded by the guests.
  • Also Jack organises special cooking events, wherein the guests of the restaurant can book in advance for special cookery classes. Separate charges apply.
  • Jack comes from a traditional Toddy Tappers family and do ask him to provide you the nourishing and enriching drink of Toddy or Sur freshly collected from the coconut palm trees.
  • Last but not the least, Jack & Catty are Roman Catholic Christians, so we do business fairly and peacefully in Palolem.

Kate’s offers 2 Wooden Rooms on First Floor
For those tourists and guests who love to have some Sea View or Main Road view of Ourem at Palolem village, Kate’s offers 2 Wooden Rooms on First Floor above Fern’s Restaurant. The two rooms are named as PEDRU & MILA. Both of the first floor Kate’s rooms have individual & independent wooden staircase entrance, each for separate room. All the facilities mentioned in Room Amenities are available in both of the first floor rooms.

2 Rooms on First Floor

2 Rooms on Ground Floor

Kate’s offers 1 Wooden Room and 1 Concrete Room on Ground Floor
For those tourists and guests who love to have their feet on the sandy grounds of Goa, once immediately out of the holiday guest rooms, for them Kate’s offers 2 Rooms on Ground Floor facing the South, having village view at ground level. One room is name MARIA (wooden room) and is ready for occupancy by guests. The second room name is PRANOY (concrete room) and from October, 2013 onwards will be available for guests to stay. Both ground floor rooms are very close and behind the Ferns Restaurant. Room amenities are all the same as of the first floor room, minus the Cubicle Shower. (Normal Showering facilities provided). Maria and Pranoy rooms are classically Goan by feeling having Mangalore Tiles on the roof.


Bike on Hire

Cars on Hire

Sunset Cruises

Money Exchange

Travel Assistance

Airport Transfers

Day Trips organized

Taxi on Hire/On Call

Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Island Boat Tours Organized

In House Laundry (chargeable)

Doctor on Call (services charged)

Dolphin Sighting Trips Organized

Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Internet for Guests.

A warm & whole hearted  Thanks to our  near & dear friend Mr. John Douglas Coutinho who has been a good friend a true mentor and great guide in giving ideas for us.


  It's time to head to the Palolem beach.
The wind blows through your hair.
The warm sun bathes your skin.
Soft golden sand caresses your feet.